saying goodbye in fashion


Dee Gordon, who is best-friends with Jose Fernandez, hit a homerun in his first at bat after the tragic boating accident that Fernandez was involved in and was killed instantly in. Dee Gordon is the leadoff hitter for the Miami Marlins, and in memory of his teammate and bestfriend Dee goes up to the plate wearing Jose’s helmet and gets in the right handed batter’s box, even though he is a left handed hitter. He did so due to the fact that Jose was a righty. After the first pitch Gordon gets into the lefty’s batter box and watches a ball go by. The count is now 2 balls and 0 strikes. The very next pitch is a pitch Dee will never forget about, he drills a homerun, the first of the season deep to right field into the second deck. He fought be the tears until he touched home plate and then let it out as his teammates gathered around him to hug him and comfort him. Dee Gordon after the game was being interviewed and told us “if you don’t believe in God, y’all might as well start. I ain’t never hit a ball that far not even in batting practice. For that to happen today, we had some help.” Dee Gordon will never forget that homerun for the rest of his life.


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