Marijuana use for pain

Steve Kerr hopes that sport leagues will soften their stance on marijuana. Steve Kerr is the Golden State Warriors head coach and had back surgery last season. He admitted to using marijuana twice to help with his chronic pain in his back. Kerr explains that he is not an “expert” but he knows weed is better on the body than prescription meds like Vicodin. The use of marijuana is a form of pain relief and Steve Kerr believes that weed should be used to help with the pain. Prescription drugs are addicting but on the other hand marijuana is not addicting. Should marijuana be used for pain relief? That’s what Warriors head coach Steve Kerr believes.


Averaging a triple double

With the NBA season a quarter of the way over, Russell Westbrook is still averaging a triple double. Russell is the first person to maintain this stat this deep into the year in over 50 years. After just 22 games into the season, Westbrook has 11 triple-doubles; that is one less than every other NBA player combined. As of right now, Westbrook has recorded five triple doubles consecutively. The record is set by Michael Jordan with 7 consecutively. That shows you right there how impressive Westbrook is, some even compare Westbrook to the great Michael Jordan. Russell plays with the same integrity and passion that MJ played with. Will we see Russell Westbrook break Michael Jordan’s record? We will have to wait and see.

That’s a lot of money

Bryce Harper is no doubt one of the best players in the MLB right now, but had he gone mad. Bryce Harper is asking for a record breaking $400 million dollar contract that would exceed 10 years. The Nationals believe the negotiation is to big to overcome, so that means Harper may get traded. But who can afford to sign Harper for $400 million; The New York Yankees can. The Yankees have been in a rebuilding stage and Bryce Harper would be a perfect fit and they Yankees can afford him, they are one of the richest franchises. Will Bryce Harper get traded when his contract expires in 2018?

Call it a comeback

Last year the Dallas Cowboys had a horrific season, man was it ugly. They finished the season 4 and 12 and last in there conference. They definitely turned that around this year, they are 11 and 1. With the injury of Tony Romo in the beginning of the season Cowboy fans thought they were doomed for another season, but boy were they wrong. The rookie quarterback Dak Presscot stepped up to the plate and delivered for his team and the fans. Dak Presscot has been the hottest quarterback in the league. After Tony Romo recovered from his shoulder he was benched due to the fact Dak Presscot is so hot right now and it is best for the team.


Ezekial Elliot is a top rookie running back in the NFL. He is out there looking like he has been in the league for years, he is a very impressive player. But, what is even more impressive is Zeke has never lost an away game in his entire life. Through high school, college, and this season in the NFL with the cowboys, he has never lost a game. In Ezekial Elliot’s high school career he only lost 5 games total, all home games. In college playing for the Ohio State buckeyes Elliot had only lost 4 games throughout his career. Now Elliot is playing for the Dallas Cowboys and they are 11-1. Elliot has an impressive resume. Its pretty impressive to say that Zeke has never lost an away game in his life, we’ll see if that stays that way this Sunday when the Cowboys play away.

Jeff Brohm is leaving WKU

Jeff Brohm is the football coach for WKU and is now leaving to be the head coach at Purdue. Brohm has led Western Kentucky to a 30-10 record in the last three seasons, with the Hilltoppers winning the Conference USA title back to back years thanks to Brohm’s pass-heavy offense. This season, Western Kentucky ranked fifth nationally in passing yards per game (336.8). Only five teams in the country had more passing touchdowns than the Hilltoppers. Jeff Brohm will be making $3 million over the next 6 seasons with Purdue. Brohm is making the big bucks now that he is going to be playing in the Big 10 conference, one of the best in college football.

Chris Sale trade

Chris Sale from the White Sox had been traded to the Red Sox. He will be switching sock colors this year. Chris Sale was traded in exchange for Yoan Moncada, Michael Kopech, Luis Basabe and Victor Diaz. That’s a pretty big trade, a 4 for 1 trade. That may seem a little outrageous but youre wrong, Chris Sale is a dominanting lefty who has been dominate in the MLB for years now. Chris Sale is one of the best pitchers in the MLB and is only getting better. In my book it was a good trade. The Red Sox pitching rotation this year will be unreal with Chris Sale, David Price, Rick Porcello, and Klay Buckolts. That’s a solid rotation right there. The Red Sox fell short this year in the playoffs but don’t be shocked if they make it back and even farther this year now that they have Chris Sale.