One of the greatest pitchers on our time has passed away yesterday, early morning. He was involved in a boating accident in Miami, Florida, he was only 24. Jose Fernandez and his two other friends were killed going full speed on their 32-foot vessel that crashed into a jetty in Miami beach. Authorities say that Fernandez and his 2 other friends had no indication of drugs or alcohol in their system. Officials say that Fernandez died from impact, he did not drown. The baseball world lost an icon today, not only did Jose shine on the mound, he shined off the mound. Fernandez had a smile that shined so bright that you couldn’t resist smiling back. Jose will be missed in the baseball community.  


The drought is not over

The Philadelphia Eagles drought will continue. After a great start to there season, starting 3 and 0 they fell apart. Carson Wentz has done nothing but great for the Eagles, he is not the problem. The problem is the receiving core and the secondary. One of the best receivers Josh Huff, has has been suspended due to drug violations so that does not help them at all. Eagle fans are hoping for the season to end quickly and for the Eagles to have a good draft and to get some good receivers and secondary players. The Eagles since the 3-0 start has dropped to 5-7 and are last in their conference.

The Cubs drought is over

The most epic drought in sports history has finally come to an end. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series! The Cubs beat the Indians who is also in a drought. After being down 3 games to 1 the Chicago Cubs overcame the defecit and won 3 straight games to beat the Indians in game 7, 8-7 in extra innings. It was an epic game that had you on your toes the entire game. The game lasted almost 5 hours which is 2 hours longer than usual. It was a perfect ending for the franchise who waited 108 years to win a championship. The game was a rollercoaster, the two teams battled to the end. The teams came up in big situations but the Cubs pulled away by scoring 2 in the top of the 10th inning, the Indians fell short by only scoring 1.

Zach Randolph standing ovation

Zach Randolph received a standing ovation his first game back after taking a leave of absence after his mother passed away. Randolph’s mother passed away on November 25th, Zach took a week and a half leave of absence. coincidentally it was Randolph’s 1000th game played when returned. After this tradegy Zach Randolph was back to himself with an impressive 12 points and 14 rebounds in the Grizzlies win over the Philadelphia 76ers.

Ohio State beats Michigan

Ohio State is ranked number 2 nationally and Michigan is ranked number 3. This game pretty much secured a playoff spot for the winner and the loser would be pushed out of the playoff picture. Ohio State ended up conquering Michigan 30-27 in double overtime. Ohio State stayed at the number 2 spot and is in the playoffs and Michigan dropped to number 5 and was pushed out of the playoffs. These two teams are one of the biggest rivalries in football, they have a lot of respect for each other but they hate each others guts. It was a hard fought game and to many it will go down in history as one of the greatest games played against each other.

Klay Thompson Scores 60 points

Klay Thompson team and NBA history scoring 60 points versus the Pacers. What is even more amazing is he did it in only 3 of the 4 quarters. A record that Klay set in the NBA is that he scored 50 points in less than 30 minutes, the first to ever do so. according to ESPN, if Klay would have played all minutes and all 4 quarters he was on pace for a 100 point game. the only person to ever score 100 points was Wilt Chamberlain who scored 2.08 points per minute. Thompson averaged 2.07 points per minute in his 29 minutes. Klay was 21 for 33 in field goals and had a field goal percentage of 63.6 percent. The warriors are an exciting team and Klay proves why.

Jose Fernandez update

Details of Jose Fernandez’ final hours have been released. CBS news has confirmed that the the crash site where Jose’s boat crashed was a popular waterfront party spot. officials previously had said that they do not believe drugs and alcohol were involved in the accident, the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner’s office released a statement that told us that Jose Fernandez and his two friends had traces of alcohol and cocaine in their systems. Fernandez suffered horrific injuries to the head and torso, along with skull and jaw fractures. authorities have yet to discover who was behind the boating wheel when the boat had crashed.